Media Statement re: Biden Administration’s plan to shutter coal-fired power plants and destroy grid reliability

April 25, 2024

Rachel Gleason, PA Coal Alliance

The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) new suite of regulations aimed at forcing the premature closure of America’s most reliable and resilient coal-fired power plants is a haphazard and dangerous threat to our grid’s electricity supply, national security and our economy.

The Administration suggests the plan can be implemented “without disrupting the delivery of reliable electricity.” In fact, the plan will destroy the ability to produce grid-saving baseload power across the country at a time when the same Administration has pushed the electrification of our economy, mandating electric vehicles and appliances.

Experts from the North American Electric Reliability Corporation, regional grid managers and utilities have warned our grid is facing an impending crisis, which in Pennsylvania could culminate as early as 2026, and misguided policies like this will ultimately doom any chances of reliable electricity and a thriving economy.

Consumers and businesses across the country need to grasp the realistic implications of such an ill-advised policy. Pennsylvania coal must remain as one of the driving forces to power our economy and sustain the quality of lives of our residents. We urge Pennsylvania’s Congressional Delegation and Governor to stand up for workers, families and communities, and protect the Commonwealth from these irrational and discriminatory policies.