The PA Coal Alliance continues to fight to ensure coal remains an essential part of Pennsylvania’s electricity generation and steel making processes.  We encourage you to stay up to date on what is making news.

RGGI is wrong for Pa., electric ratepayers

As Pennsylvania gets pushed by Gov. Tom Wolf toward energy policy that includes joining a group of states with the ultimate consequence being a new tax burden placed on all state residents, more and more evidence becomes available that it’s the wrong policy for the commonwealth.

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Power PA Jobs Alliance: Disappointed, but not surprised by the approval of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative of the politically stacked (not so) Independent Regulatory Review Commission.

Today’s decision by IRRC to approve the RGGI regulation, if not overturned by the General Assembly or the courts, would be the death knell for many communities across the Commonwealth. It will also have devastating impacts to local business, hardworking families and school district and municipal budgets, as well as the Pennsylvania General Fund.

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Response to the Environmental Quality Board vote approving regulation that will force Pennsylvania into RGGI, circumventing the General Assembly and the Pennsylvania Constitution, and the Sunshine Act

(Power PA Jobs Alliance) – Today, the Pennsylvania Environmental Quality Board (EQB), a so-called “independent” board responsible for reviewing and approving environmental regulations, which is stacked with gubernatorial appointees, voted to approve the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGG) regulation – a job crushing regulation opposed by overwhelming and bipartisan majorities within the General Assembly and among Pennsylvania voters.

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