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The 2023 Energy & Environment Power 100

The Keystone State is currently America’s second-largest energy exporter and its third-largest coal and electricity producer, while the power generated via from Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Shale – the U.S.’s largest natural gas field – radiates literally and metaphorically beyond state borders. Whether drilling shale, promoting green alternatives or keeping the power grids stable, the people on this list are all helping to write Pennsylvania’s sustainable next chapter

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Pennsylvania Coal Alliance Statement on EPA’s Proposed Rule to Limit Carbon Emissions from Coal and Natural Gas Power Plants

May 11, 2023

HARRISBURG, PA – While today’s announcement by the Biden Administration to target fossil fuel-fired power plant emissions may sound pleasing to environmentalists, it fails to take into consideration the detrimental effect it will have on daily lives and pocketbooks of Americans and businesses who will be forced to pay more for electricity that ultimately will become less reliable.

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Pennsylvania Coal Alliance Statement on the Closure of Homer City Generating Station

April 3, 2023

HARRISBURG, PA – “Poor policy decisions, including the mere threat of Pennsylvania joining the RGGI carbon tax scheme, coupled with serious flaws in PJM’s capacity market have led to unfortunate realities like the closure of Homer City. PJM recently acknowledged significant grid failure concerns as it increasingly relies on sources that do not have on-site fuel, and when needed most do not perform when called upon. The retirement of reliable and resilient baseload coal-fired generation will only compound the challenges the grid will have in the future.”

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A carbon tax is a significant public policy proposal and should be debated through proper legislative procedure. Tell your lawmakers to support Senate Bill 119 (SB119) and House Bill 637 (HB637) requiring legislative approval before Pennsylvania is allowed to unilaterally impose a carbon tax that would impose a significant cost on Pennsylvania consumers and businesses.

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