The Pennsylvania Coal Alliance advocates for public policy that promotes effective and efficient bituminous coal mining operations that ensure miner safety and minimize environmental impacts.

Today, several regulatory and legislative initiatives are threatening the use of Pennsylvania coal.  Unlike any other fuel source in Pennsylvania, coal provides the most affordable, flexible, reliable, and secure form of energy and is an integral component of steel making and our nation’s infrastructure.

We encourage you to learn more about these challenges and voice your opinion by writing to your elected officials.  The links below can help you identify your representatives.

Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf is attempting bypass the traditional legislative process to have Pennsylvania join the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI).  RGGI would result in a carbon tax on air emissions from fossil fueled power plants, which are some of the most reliable and efficient providers of energy in the Commonwealth. This tax would lead to the closure of several of these power plants, resulting in the direct elimination of thousands of family-sustaining jobs and increases in the cost of electricity for all the Commonwealth’s energy consumers.


The PA Coal Alliance provides its members with valuable resources. Visit this page frequently for important updates and information

Regulatory & Technical Activity


Equipment Guidelines for use of a methane monitor and circuit breaker to interrupt power to permissible pumps in a return air course

Battery Powered Rubber Tire Personnel Carriers


Coal Refuse Disposal Temporary Cessation Regulations

Minimum Specifications for Methane Reduction Flares

CO2 Budget Trading Program

Prohibiting Electronic Liquid-Vaporizing Devices at Underground Bituminous Coal Mines

Liners and Caps for Coal Refuse Disposal Areas Technical Guidance Document


Longwall High Voltage Cable Splicing Technical Specifications 

Remining Sub F and Sub G Technical Guidance Document December 11, 2021

Guidelines for Chain Pillar Development and Longwall Mining Adjacent to Unconventional Wells

Standard Operating Procedure for District Mining Office Evaluation of Noise During Permit Review

Water Supply Replacement Final Regulation

Civil Penalty Assessments for Coal Mining Operations 562-4180-306

Other Resources

DEP’s Permitting and Technical Section – WHAT’s NEW
The Regulatory Process Flow Chart
The Regulatory Review Act

PA Legislation

Contact Your Legislators

Please take a moment to contact your elected officials to support Senate Bill 119 (SB119) and House Bill 637 (HB637).  These bills would require legislative approval before Pennsylvania is allowed to unilaterally impose a carbon tax that would impose a significant cost on Pennsylvania consumers and businesses.

It only takes a few minutes to make your voice heard. You can find your representatives with the links below.